Anggerik Bakery


Anggerik Bakery by Chef Ummi Abdullah serves decadent gourmet cakes that showcases the beauty of traditional Malay desserts and flavours cleverly combined with classic western desserts.

Together with her talented bakers, Chef Ummi orchestrate magic by deconstructing traditional local favourites, including seasonal produce and marrying tropical Asian produce often found in Malay desserts with the finest quality ingredients to create exquisite cross culture desserts that will ignite senses, leaving the palate for more. Some creations will stay the entire season while some will make a quick disappearing act, once the season is over.

All Anggerik Bakery cakes are served at NOOSH Noodle Bar and Grill and also available for orders. Our bakes are not only nice for an afternoon tea also makes a perfect complement for special celebratory occasion. Whole cakes and slices are available at our bakeries located at East Village and Woodlands.

Anggerik Bakery (Woodlands)
59B Jalan Malu Malu
Singapore 769674
Tel: 6755 4225
(Mon - Sat) 8.00am - 8.00pm
(Sun) 10.00am - 6.00pm

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