Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

Are the prices inclusive of GST?

We are a GST registered company, all price will be subjected to GST.

What are your opening hours?

Our mainline is available from Monday to Sunday, 8.00am to 8.00pm.

Dapur Ummi Abdullah is Halal-Certified?

We are a 100% muslim – owned company. We are not required to be halal – certified.

Is my credit card information safe?

Absolutely. We process credit card payment through safe online transactions. We will discard all credit card information once the transaction is successful. 

2. Tingkat

How many days are we allowed to cater for tingkat?

You are not required to take up a full month service or weekly. You are able to choose any day of the month. Our service is flexible.

Do you serve Tingkat daily?

We deliver our lunch and dinner tingkat service from Monday to Friday, there is no delivery on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday and Eve of Hari Raya.

Can I choose the days of ordering?

Customers have a choice of choosing any day of the month. Lunch or Dinner.

Can I choose full month service of Tingkat?

Certainly, you are most welcome to do it. By taking 1 month full tingkat service you are entitle to 5% discount.

Is the food delivered in Tiffin Carriers or microwaveable containers?

We pack the gravy using plastic carrier and the rice in a microwaveable tub.
This is to ensure no spillage as our delivery is mostly by bike.

How many dishes will there be?

We serve Rice, Sambal Belachan with 1 main dish and 2 side dish. We do not repeat the dishes in a month. As we cooking for the masses, we are unable to accede to special request.

Are we able to choose the dishes?

Customers are not able to choose the dishes for tingkat orders. However, customer may request to receive a tingkat menu for the month or the first day of every month. This is to ensure customers are aware of the dishes for the month beforehand.

Can I request a specific delivery time for the delivery of tingkat?

The customer cannot request for a delivery time as the delivery of tingkat is based on the route the driver takes.
However, lunch would probably be delivered between 10.00am-1.30pm and dinner to be delivered between 3pm-7.30pm.

Will the meals be delivered punctually?

While we try to maintain consistency in the delivery timings, we are unable to promise on a specific delivery time. There might be traffic/weather and other factors that will affect the daily delivery timing.

What is the latest time to place an order?

As long as we have availability slot it will be reflected on the website.

I’m a regular tingkat customer and took full month service. Do I need to call in every 20 days to renew my tingkat service?

We will not auto renew the orders, customers needs to re-purchase it every month at our website.  

How do I know if my order is confirmed?

Your order will be confirmed upon payment online and an automated e-mail will be sent.

If I need to change my order, how do I do it?

If you need to make changes to your order, you can call us at 6755 4225 at least 3 working days before the delivery, by 2.00pm. Our Customer Service Officers will be able to assist you.

Can I terminate the tingkat that I have ordered and paid for? Can I get a refund or exchange of service or product?

We advise customer to place order only if you are ready, we do not allowed refund and exchange.

If I order both lunch and dinner, will the food be the same?

No. Our menus for both lunch and dinner will be different.

How and when should payment be made?

For the ordering of tingkat, payment should be made right away thru this website. Or you could personally come down to our head office at 59C Jalan Malu Malu to place an order if you are paying by cash.

What is the payment mode?

We accept debit and credit card payment through our website.

What should I do if I've change of address while receiving your Tingkat?

Customers are required to call inform our customer service personnel on the change of address 3 days in advance. Please note that there are certain areas we do not deliver.

What happens when no one is at home during the delivery?

Whether there is someone or not, we will give a 3 time knock and proceed to hang the food at the door. Kindly leave a hook there for the delivery man to hook the food. If you have any specific place for us to place the food at, please insert your request while you are placing your order at our website.  

I have special requirements to the food intake; can you omit some items from the food served to me?

We are sorry to inform you that we cannot accommodate any other preference or special dietary requirements.

Will the food be warm when we receive it?

The food is expected to reach our customers at room temperature, and as such we would always recommend our customers to keep the food in the refrigerator upon receiving the food, and heat up approximately 2~3 minutes of high heat in the microwave, or 11~15 minutes of steaming prior to consuming the food, for hygiene reasons.

3.  Buffet

How do I place my order?

You may follow our seamless 6 steps ordering process and will be ready to receive your buffet on the day of your event.      

Does your service include the table set-up, warmers, utensils etc.?

Yes. Our service includes the full table set-up with warmers, utensils, serviettes, garbage bags, tables, skirting and disposable cutleries for your guests.

Does all every dishes come with warmers?

Not every dish, only gravy dishes come with warmers

What is the food portion provided?

Our food portion is 1 to 1 with 10% buffer including countable items.

How many cutleries do you provide?

We give 1.5x of the number of pax you have ordered from us.

What is the collection time upon arrival?

The collection time will be at 4 hours upon arrival. According to the NEA ruling, we have to adhere to that.

What are the delivery charges like?

Delivery charge of $50 ($53.50 w/GST) per return trip is applicable for regular buffet orders

Delivery charge of $15 ($16.10 w/GST) per trip is applicable for mini buffet and mini party set orders

A surcharge of $20 is applicable for delivery to venues without lift landing.

A surcharge of $10 ($10.17 w/GST) is applicable for delivery to offshore areas (Sentosa and Jurong Island) and central areas denoted by the first 2 digits of the postal code: Robinson – 01, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08; Marina Square – 03, 17; Orchard – 22, 23; Bras Basah – 18, 19.
Separate charges will be made for Wedding Catering and Banquet.

What time should I have my food arrive if my party starts at …?

Please allow us to have 30 minutes for the set-up. Therefore, for example if your guests arrive at 1pm, you should have us arrive at 12.30pm.

I want to have 2 types of main course. Can I split my orders?

We are unable to split the other dishes.

How do I pay?

50% Payment will be made at end of each online order via debit or credit card, balance payment can be made by cash on the day of delivery. For corporate clients requesting for credit facilities, please kindly contact us at 6755 4225 and a credit evaluation form will be required for review.

Can I request for takeaway boxes?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with takeaway boxes as according to the NEA rules.

Can I extend my time of collection because some of my guests will only arrive late?

All times need to be confirm beforehand, as we have rules by NEA to adhere. Do check with us again.

Is the food served halal?

We are a muslim – owned company. We are not required to be halal – certified.

Do you have food tasting?

We do not have any food tasting services.

Can I order balloons and some other decorative stuff for my party together with the food?

Unfortunately, in the meantime, we would only be able to provide you with food for your parties and celebrations. We would not be able to supply you with other party requirements.

4. Mini Buffet

What is the difference between regular buffet and mini buffet/mini party set?

Regular buffet comes with complete table set-up, skirting and warmer while mini buffet/mini party set is served in microwavable box suited for 8 – 15 people.

Does your service include the table set-up?

No. Mini Buffet is serve in a disposable container. 

How is the food pack in?

All food are packed in disposable aluminium tray.

Does your service include disposable cutlery?

We supply disposable foam plates, plastic forks, spoons and serviettes.

How many cutleries you give?

We give 1.5x of the number of pax you have ordered from us.